At Code Green Fitness we offer in home and in studio 30 and 60 minute Private and semi private Personal Training Sessions. Whether you are an expecting mother, senior citizen (or just feel like one), stay at home or working parent, weekend warrior or young athlete, we are certified to train you. It is just you and your personal trainer at your home or in the studio.  No other members, no other trainers, no other distractions.  This is why you will be successful and get the results you are looking for.

You choose your goals and we help you achieve them.  Here, you are not just another member, a number, or a paycheck.  You are part of our family, and we care.  We want you to succeed, because if you are successful, then we are successful.  You see at Code Green Fitness, we are on your team.  Our motto is:

Be Better. Feel Better. Look Better.

That’s how it goes.  You are going to be a better person by making better choices.  You are going to feel better because you are taking better care of your body.  You are going to look better, because that is the by product of taking care of yourself by making better choices.  With our program the changes you make will not only affect you personally, but will have a great impact on the world.  Get Lean. Go Green!

Why Should You Choose Us?

simple, If you are ready to…

  1. Change Your Life

  2. Be a Better Person

  3. Feel Better

  4. Look Better

  5. Have More Energy

  6. Burn Off Pounds of Fat

  7. Look Amazing In Your Bathing Suit

  8. Have Your Family Members, Friends and Strangers Compliment You

  9. Sleep More Soundly

  10. Increase Your Stamina

  11. Improve Your Sex Drive

  12. Feel Sexier

  13. Reduce Your Stress and Anxiety

  14. Get Rid of Those Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip, Knee and Ankle Aches and Pains

  15. Increase Your Quality of Life

  16. Make Better Choices

  17. Eat Better

  18. Move Better

  19. Have More Confidence

  20. Have More Energy

  21. Keep Up With Your Kids/Grandkids

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