1. Use the towels that are provided for you at all times. Make sure to wipe down equipment and mats after use. Place towels in hamper when you are done using them.

  2. Use gym wipes to wipe your sweat off all equipment and mats.

  3. Place all cups and recyclables in the recycling container.

  4. Please bring your refillable water bottle to reduce waste and practice the Green Lifestyle.

  5. Dress Code:  Please come fully prepared and ready to sweat. Please be sure to wear closed toed running or athletic shoes, athletic shorts/pants, and athletic shirt/tank top. We reserve the right to refuse you entrance into the studio if you are not dressed in proper attire.

  6. Be respectful, courteous, positive and motivating to your fellow Code Green Fitness partners. This includes showing up at your scheduled appointment on time and leaving when your time is up. Please do not come in early, because this is a private studio and everyone deserves their time with their trainer.