No matter what the goals are for you and your child, whether it’s weight loss, sport specific training, or general fitness, we have a program for you. Our main concern is the health and safety of your child. We emphasize education, which includes proper nutrition, flexibility, proper exercise form and injury prevention. By working with one of our certified personal trainers, you can expect to improve:

  1. overall strength and balance

  2. coordination and agility

  3. flexibility

  4. core strength

  5. cardiovascular conditioning

  6. neuromuscular coordination

Why do you need youth and teen exercise and fitness programs?

child obesity and type 2 diabetes is on the rise. Today’s youth do not engage in physical activity on a regular basis. Physical education classes have experienced cut-backs, and in some schools have been completely eliminated. This inactivity can lead to a lower quality of life and self esteem in physical, emotional, social and scholastic areas. It is recommended that youths participate in moderate to vigorous physical activity at least three days a week to promote health and help prevent chronic disease. However, in order to truly be healthy everyone needs to workout for an hour a day six days a week.  Proper warm-up, stretching, strength training and proper cool down are all covered in each 60 minute segment.

How do we give our children an edge over their competition?

Competition is more intense then ever. Today more parents are sending theIR young stars to camps and hiring personal trainers, but is this safe? Half of all youth injuries occur because of overuse. We must be cautious and remember that they are still growing and there bodies need plenty of nutrition and rest. In order to keep them improving we need to make sure not to push too hard so that we do not to effect normal growth. Fortunately, Code Green Fitness is here to help.

The teenage stage of life is critical in preparing the body for the increase of demands at the higher levels of training. It also builds a foundation and establishes the principles of improving the quality of life. We focus appropriate training intensity, emphasize proper form and technique, as well as nutrition. Remember, our biggest concern is their health and safety.


Alex Rieckhoff – Brown University Volleyball

Alexandra Rieckhoff is a Laguna Beach High School alumni and was stand out varsity volleyball player for the breakers.  She now is the starting setter for Brown University’s Women’s Volleyball Team. Click here to see her stats. Alex trained over the summer of 2010 before entering Brown, and here is what she had to say:

“Code Green Fitness is a wonderful mix between fun and sweat. They know when to push people. I am in much better shape! My body fat percentage has decreased and I am stronger thanks to working with you.”

Laurielle Hofer – Brown University Volleyball

Laurielle Hofer is also a Laguna Beach High School alumni and was a stand out varsity volleyball player as well. She also goes to Brown University and plays Volleyball for the Bears. Click here to see her college stats. Laurielle came to us after a season ending injury in 2009 – 2010. This is what Laurielle haD to say:

“In 6 weeks I have increased my upper body lifting and I have lowered my body fat percentage. I did Velocity. This was strictly weight lifting and core strengthening. Velocity weightlifting was inferior. Good experience. I wish I had more time and was not dealing with an injury, but still noticed results.”